2004 What's New Archive


Another addition to the Gallery today. There's a very interesting Shadow near the bottom of Russ Jerome's page.

An addition to the Gallery today.

I was excited to see the article on Joe Molnar's 16-valve CSX in the August issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines. Also, here are some pictures I took at SDAC-14 in Waukegan, IL.

I added a link to the full version of the animation of the 3D CSX model.

An update to The Marketplace today, and a new Toon by Rich Bowmer.

I've added a rudimentary interior to my 3D CSX model. Also, there's a new animation of the model.

I had to remove the "At Random..." section for technical reasons. Many of the links were no longer working anyway, so I will look into something else interesting to feature on this page. The Marketplace was updated today, as well.

Joe Molnar's 1987 CSX #747 now sports a new 16-valve engine, and it looks great. I've added a new picture of it to the Gallery, and I plan to add some more info about it soon.

Happy New Year! I've acquired a rare copy of Street Machines magazine with a 1987 CSX review. Also, a fairly new book, Sport Compacts by Alan Paradise, mentions the GLHS and CSX as being among the first "sport compacts," before the term was really in use. Last year's news has been moved to its own archive page.