CSX in 3D


UPDATE 06/7/04 - There's now a link to the full animation below.

UPDATE 01/26/04 - I've added a rudimentary interior and made a new animation of the CSX model.

pavement047.jpg (10711 bytes)
new animation excerpt (2.9MB AVI)
full version (7.1MB AVI)

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker innocently asked me why I hadn't done a 3D model of my car. Dang! That got me started on this big waste of time!

3dcsxpov5.jpg (67458 bytes)   3dcsxpov6.jpg (73130 bytes)   strip.jpg (63604 bytes)

Here's a small animation (320K AVI) when it was in an unfinished state.

This model was created with a freeware program called hamaPatch (or try the hamaPatch Resource page in English). It is made entirely of b-spline patches, which is not ideal, but it's what I know how to do. The renders were done with another excellent freeware program, POV-Ray.

Here's how the model developed:
3dcsx6.jpg (75827 bytes)   3dcsx7.jpg (82514 bytes)

And some of the other renders: