2003 What's New Archive


An addition to the Marketplace

First update in a while! An addition to the Gallery today.

Whew! I haven't made any updates in a while, huh? I did get some things added to the Marketplace today. I still have several pictures of various cars people have sent that I haven't yet posted. I will get them up eventually, I promise!

Chris Faulk sent in the TurboDodge Toon of his two Spirit R/Ts

An update to the Gallery today. Also, I've been working on a 3D model of a CSX for a few weeks. The model is mostly done now, but I'm still working on a scene to show it off. You probably know that no plastic or die-cast P-body models were ever made by anyone. I hope maybe this 3D model could serve as a basis for one in the future.

An addition to the Gallery today

Shelbycsx.com is proud to host the full-size, high-quality versions of Rich Bowmer's terrific TurboDodge Toons. If your car is missing, let me know, and I'll try to get it and add it. 

Well, since there's no other news, I'll mention that I finally have a good picture of my car. I took this at the Lone Star SDAC's state-wide meet in Waco earlier this month.

An addition to the owners' Web sites!

Another deletion from the owners' Web sites today

Uh...I forgot to change the year to 2003 on these "What's New" entries until today. Also, I went through the owners' Web sites today and removed those that have disappeared. There were some servers that weren't found, and I've left those for now, since they may be temporarily down. If you're a CSX owner with a Web site, e-mail the address to me, and I'll add it.

Dan Boyd sent in a nice new picture of the DC Shadow. Thanks, Dan!

Happy New Year! There was an addition to the Gallery today.