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The Direct Connection Shadow

"And if you're wondering what happens when we dress up a Shadow Turbo in a DC, is a pretty sight."
- Direct Connection ad

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(pictures courtesy of
Gary Donovan
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During mid-1985 the Direct Connection staff was given one of the new P-bodies to play with. Many of their improvements were incorporated into the CSX.

The brakes were upgraded with better calipers and rotors from the Daytona, better linings, and a prototype rear brake setup. 

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Pictures from the
DC Shadow press kit

(pictures courtesy of
Steve Kalmes
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Of further interest was the use of a Bendix electric master cylinder. The suspension was upgraded with better bushings, 1.25-inch anti-sway bars, lowered springs, and DC hi-performance struts. Handling was further enhanced by the use of a quick-ratio rack, which was shimmed up 0.2 inches for better geometry, and by using minivan steering knuckles, which further altered the steering ratio.

A stock blueprinted short block was used. The cylinder head choice was the always-popular DC race-ported head with oversize valves and a stock camshaft. The intake and intercooler were straight out of the DC parts book. This car used a prototype header that was announced but never sold, reportedly because there were too many problems with cracking. The turbo was probably the DC "plus" unit, the one with a larger turbine housing. Also used was a prototype five-speed transaxle, possibly an A555 pre-production unit. The package made 180 bhp at 11 psi and 210 ft-lbs of torque.
(information courtesy of Gary Donovan)

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Welcome to the
Dream Factory
Join the DC Gang. Short magazine
mention of the
DC Shadow
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Jan Daurio
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Another short
magazine blurb
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More magazine
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