Shelby CSX History


The Shelby CSX

"Performance that can hold its own against almost any car you care to name." - 1987 Shelby CSX sales brochure

1987 Shelby CSX

In 1987 Shelby Automobiles created the CSX, or "Carroll Shelby eXperimental." It was based on Dodge's new Shadow ES with a 2.2L turbocharged in-line four-cylinder engine.

Shelby's engineering team added a larger turbocharger, an air-to-air intercooler, a tuned intake system, and a modified electronic fuel injection controller. The result was an engine that put out 175 horsepower with greater torque and better throttle response over the entire power band, without sacrificing reliability.

Shelby also improved the handling with a completely refined suspension system, using gas-charged Monroe Formula GP struts and coil-over springs and a larger anti-roll bar on the front. In the rear was a semi-independent trailing arm suspension with Monroe Formula GP shocks. The tubular rear anti-roll bar was replaced by a larger solid one. Four-wheel disc brakes were added, adapted from Dodge's Daytona Shelby Z, along with Goodyear 205/50VR-15 Gatorback tires on Shelby Centurion II aluminum wheels. These changes resulted in 0.85g of cornering force.

On the outside, the 1987 CSX got a unique black and silver paint scheme, new front grill, air dam, rear spoiler, and side skirts. Also added were Shelby decals on the windshield, hood, doors, and hatch, and a round metal medallion on the hatch. Inside were a special Shelby boost gauge, sport steering wheel engraved with Carroll Shelby's signature, Chrysler's premium AM/FM/cassette deck, and a dash plaque showing the car's individual production number.

Only 750 CSXes were produced for 1987, and all of them were alike; there were no available options. The MSRP was $13,495.

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